Thousands March in Protest of Trump Victory – CNN

Protesting Trump in Pittsburgh – CBC News


Feminism’s reach extends on campus – The Pitt News

#RapeCultureIs…: Journalist, political analyst Zerlina Maxwell visits Pitt – The Pitt News

Study shows emoticons bust gender stereotypes – The Pitt News

Slutciety feminist publication makes a name for itself at Pitt – ChathamCommunique

Changing Tides: Slutciety becomes The Fourth Wave – The Pitt News

2 thoughts on “Press

  1. Just watching you on CNN. Are you retarded? Do you really think a Trump presidency is going to eliminate the law and police force? There are laws against rape and sexual assault. Trump supports the police. Also Trump did not rip off the hijab. By you protesting and saying you are scared, you are creating more divisiveness than there already is. You are a senior in college, what do you know about actual life? You sound like a pampered wimpy cry baby. Perhaps you should review your history for some actual pain. Scared of a new president? I am not thrilled with a Trump president but if we all come together and give him a chance, perhaps he will surprise us. He is a pretty bright guy, he may choose some really great people to surround him and guide him in the right direction. Also, we have two houses in our government to keep the president in check. You’ll be fine.


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