The Parts You Leave Behind

Isabella Sigado | Media Contributor Isabella Sigado is a junior at Pitt studying Art History. She is an avid hiker and outdoorswoman and plans to hike the Appalachian Trail for six months following her graduation as part of an art project called “Find Me Where I’m At.” Her art is heavily inspired by themes of […]

A Story of Birds

Julia Aldrich | Officer and Contributor Author’s Note: I wrote this piece a little over a year ago as a means to come to terms with my rape, which occurred my first year of college. In a few months, I’ll be graduating, and it was my goal to revisit and rework this piece, as I’ve […]

Nine Months of Catch-22: Working While Pregnant

Daly Trimble | Contributor With women flooding the workforce, the world is starting to look pretty good for the young professional gal.  Despite a troubling election result, American women are still cracking through the glass ceiling, outnumbering male students enrolled in higher education, and becoming the first generation that out-earns its male counterparts.  I live […]

Occupational Hazard

Anonymous They stand in their camouflage, with their guns, Looking at us like we’re only there for fun. After they’re done with us we feel the need to run, But when we run, we end up alone, with no one.   They say it’s just the job, But quietly we sob.   They say it’s […]

The Commodification of Gender: An Examination of Reality TV and Gender Identity

Minah Chapell | Contributor  It seems that trans-visibility has peaked in recent times with the production of popular TV shows. These shows have given trans individuals a platform to speak on important and prevalent issues affecting their community. Though this new visibility is certainly valuable, the portrayal of the trans individuals on these shows has […]

Is it Time for Feminists to Find a More Inclusive Word?

Charlotte Scurlock | Contributor  The feminist movement has historically focused on the advancement of upper class, straight, white women, often excluding women of color and LGBTQIA+ people or even enabling these groups’ continued oppression to advance their own cause. Because of this flawed past and the remaining connotations of the word “feminism,” many people are […]