Art by Regan Kelly

I used the medium of a magazine, because while they claim to promote women, they also feature a lot of unattainables — perfect skin, twenty-inch waists, anything touched with photoshop.  With “Chocolate” and “Deceiving Appearances,” I aimed to address the lack of diversity in popular media. “Different Shouldn’t Hurt” was inspired by personal experiences in […]


Kiaya Sechrest | Contributor Imagine you are experiencing abdominal pain so searing, it drives you to visit the emergency room. Imagine you are forced to wait for hours in debilitating agony because your pain is ranked low by the nurse making triage assessments. Imagine that, after all that, a doctor dismissively diagnoses you with run-of-the-mill […]


Molly Gonzales | Contributor Across the globe, maternal death rates dropped by a third in the 21st century, yet somehow the United States has seen the opposite. We stand with eight other countries, including South Sudan and Afghanistan, in our opposition to positive global health trends. How can a country rich in advanced medical technology, […]

The Need for Evidence-Based Sex Education

Charlotte Scurlock | Managing Editor Compared to most other western industrialized nations, America has some of the highest  annual rates of unplanned teen pregnancy and STIs, with approximately 600,000 teens becoming pregnant each per year. These high rates can be attributed in part to a lack of education among American youth. While these high rates […]

Roman Catholic Feminist

Daly Trimble | Rising Editor in Chief “God, please don’t let me become a bigot.” Of all the prayers and concerns that varied from “What am I doing here?” to “This an excessive amount of incense,” that petition was at the top of my list. Over the course of a two-year process that ended the […]