Kelli Slogan | Contributor Many self-proclaimed feminists today preach empowerment, and encourage women to enable themselves through means that would traditionally be considered degrading. By reclaiming the power of said tools in a new light, for example, by wearing makeup or revealing clothes, enhancing physical features through plastic surgery and performing distinctly “feminine” acts, they […]


Caroline Hale | Contributor Frozen Minds   Time moves forward But the uneducated mind stands still. Years go by People come and people die But uneducated minds never will.   Who’s to say where they come from Or what form they will take next They have always listened to rich white males Never those of […]


Regan Kelly | Contributor   tomboy, tomboy what a tomboy was she for dressing in comfort pretty fake, fake pretty how pretty was she for dressing to suffer   societal (maybe omit societal?) expectation damnation     “you have big man-hands” “your hands are so rough” “your nails are so chipped”   my hands hold […]

Art by Regan Kelly

I used the medium of a magazine, because while they claim to promote women, they also feature a lot of unattainables — perfect skin, twenty-inch waists, anything touched with photoshop.  With “Chocolate” and “Deceiving Appearances,” I aimed to address the lack of diversity in popular media. “Different Shouldn’t Hurt” was inspired by personal experiences in […]