Powdered and In Power

Sam Garzillo | guest writer — American University At nearly every conference I attend, there is one thing I can guarantee — I am wearing pink heels. When pre-teen, pre-feminist me saw Legally Blonde for the first time, I thought, “Great, another pretty blonde, cutesy-ing her way to the top.” The film’s main character, Elle […]

Oh, And

Samantha Garzillo | guest writer — American University When I was in seventh grade, I was instructed, along with my classmates, to draw a scientist. Every student’s picture was a variation of the same image — an old white man in a lab coat, perhaps with wild grey hair or beakers in his hands. When […]

PERSONAL: Is Your Boyfriend in the Band? My Experience as a Woman in the Music Industry

Olivia Marconi After practicing for hours on end, my bandmates and I arrived to prepare our set at Pittsburgh’s cherished Altar Bar, an old, gritty church with a provisional stage and bar. I eagerly introduced myself to the headlining band, trying to contain my enthusiasm. Instead of the usual pleasantries exchanged between bands, however, the […]

Words of a Survivor

By Anonymous “Oops, I guess I just raped Emma Sulkowicz.” This was the actual title of an article in The Federalist regarding the highly publicized Columbia rape case. The article is, naturally, dripping with sarcasm and heavy-handed mockery. Those who misunderstand Sulkowicz’s intentions should refrain from watching her newest performance art piece, she says, so […]

Being the Elephant in the Room

By Monica Silny It is time to address the elephant in the room, and unfortunately, it’s me. Allow me to explain: I have Muscular Dystrophy and use an electric wheelchair full-time, and with that, it’s obvious to say I am an individual who is disabled. However, don’t take my opening remark out of context; I […]