A Story of Birds

Julia Aldrich | Officer and Contributor Author’s Note: I wrote this piece a little over a year ago as a means to come to terms with my rape, which occurred my first year of college. In a few months, I’ll be graduating, and it was my goal to revisit and rework this piece, as I’ve […]

Occupational Hazard

Anonymous They stand in their camouflage, with their guns, Looking at us like we’re only there for fun. After they’re done with us we feel the need to run, But when we run, we end up alone, with no one.   They say it’s just the job, But quietly we sob.   They say it’s […]

Learning to Say No

Samantha Garzillo | guest writer — American University I am incredibly fortunate that I have never said no in a sexual encounter and had someone ignore it. But for five years, I didn’t think I could. We’re regularly talking about sexual assault. We’re learning that consent is necessary, body language communicates a lack of consent […]

Race and Privilege in Tunisia

Taylor Mulcahey | staff writer The vendor remembered me, and had the pastry packaged before I could even ask. I handed him two thousand millimes, and I walked to class carrying my pain au chocolat, so close to the Mediterranean Sea, I could smell it. I had my routine, and I finally felt like I […]

A Week in the Red Light District

Ashley Johnson | contributor I had the opportunity to study abroad this past summer in Copenhagen. One of the classes I took there, Prostitution and the Sex Trade, included a five-day study tour in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. Amsterdam is known world-wide for prostitution. This made it a perfect place for my class to […]

On Relationships

Max Chis | staff writer I have autism. My younger years were often spent in a state of real or perceived social isolation. The kind of socializing that was normal and easy for others had to be painstakingly learned over the course of many years and often required a great deal of mental effort to […]