How “Talk About It” Gets Depression Wrong

Max Chis | staff writer Another year, another semester of life on a college campus where the resources to address mental health are inadequate. As per usual, when institutions fail to provide more extensive and better quality of care, it becomes the burden of student groups to make up for institutional failings, inevitably in insufficient […]

Alarming TSA

Julia Lee | staff writer Shadi Petosky, a trans woman, made national headlines in September when she live-tweeted her experience with the Transportation Security Administration at an Orlando airport. TSA officers stopped Petosky at a full-body scanner for showing an “anomaly” — her penis — according to her tweets. The extensive questioning in the back […]

On Political Correctness

Max Chis | staff writer Recently I came across a political cartoon by Ben Garrison made in response to the Yale and Mizzou protests entitled, “Attack of the Crybullies.” A group of 25-foot screaming infants simulacra of college students race down a road, crying at the top of their lungs about “MY FEEWINGS!” and wielding […]

Attempted Suicide Blurs the Line Between Criticism and Harassment

Kenneth Ward | alumnus Trigger Warning: Suicide “Steven Universe” is a show on Cartoon Network with a passionate, progressive fan base. The show prominently features strong female characters, racial diversity, sexual diversity, gender diversity, physical diversity and includes many voice actresses of color. This is what makes up the core of “Steven Universe,” and naturally […]

OPINION: Why No One “Lol’d” at Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People”

Casey Reiland Mirrors are powerful tools. They allow people to reflect on themselves and marvel at their appearances, admiring the color of their eyes or the whiteness of their smiles. However, mirrors can be weapons too. With America’s obsession over body image, mirrors can create warped reflections of a person, causing self-hate and humiliation over […]

OPINION: The Enlightened Complex

Anonymous I wonder if John Locke, when he penned his acclaimed essays that would later inspire the American Revolution, could have guessed that hundreds of years later, foulmouthed American men on Facebook would be distorting his work through Internet memes, gleefully spreading misogyny and racism alongside references of pop culture. Did Voltaire know that in […]