From Boomer to Millennial:

Karen Herzog | contributor Note: Karen reached out to me after my short segment on CNN regarding a post-election protest The Fourth Wave organized. She messaged me on Facebook, asking me for solace and advice — but more importantly, as she repeated to me on the phone later that day, she asked me, “What do we […]

If we added up all the time we’ve spent writing angry Facebook posts about Brock Turner, maybe we could make some real changes.

Julia Aldrich | contributor After a mere three-month sentence, officials released Brock Turner, the rapist who happened to go to Stanford and swim competitively, from prison. The case, involving a fully capable man caught raping an unconscious woman, is an encapsulation of the all too common dismissal of rape culture and the power of white […]

TW: Intellectual Content – The Misconception of the Trigger Warning

Ana Koerner | Staff Writer In a few short weeks, thousands of excited first-years will funnel into University of Chicago classrooms to begin their college experiences. Representing various races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and socio-economic statuses, students will engage in stimulating discussion with peers and professors, tapping into a lifetime’s worth of experiences to develop arguments […]

The Do-Good Delusion

Zoe Kovacs | contributing officer From celebrities to Facebook friends, we’ve all seen the photos — an American standing among a dozen impoverished, shoddily-dressed children in some “third world” country, a half-assembled pile of bricks on the ground, the beginning of a school. It’s the mark of a Good Person. They’ve own so many miles […]

Dear Timothy Nerozzi

Trigger Warning: Milo Yiannopoulos, violence, rape culture Amanda Chan | contributing officer Dear Timothy Nerozzi, My name is Amanda. We’ve met before. In fall 2014, I visited a Pitt College Republicans’ meeting to stage an inquiry about your club’s exhibition of the film “The Interview.” I was wondering if your club was conducting an act of patriotism […]