We Must Escape Our Failure to Launch

Molly Gonzales | Editor in Chief

After Pennsylvania broke the news and liberals hung up their sweatshop-made pink pussy hats and took off their masks to eat brunch, I lay in bed worrying.

Our brand new imperialist-in-chief, along with his lady-cop sidekick, have promised their wealthy donors that nothing will fundamentally change under their regime.

They refuse to abolish ICE or defund the police, in fact saying they will only increase funding for both. 

They stand firmly against universal healthcare, even as a global pandemic ravages our nation. Their professional histories are plagued with racism, misogyny and transphobia as Harris infamously put trans women in men’s prisons, kept individuals behind bars for longer than their sentencing so she could profit off of prison labor, and withheld evidence that would’ve saved a man from death row. Biden’s 1994 crime bill, his obstruction of justice in the Clarence Thomas hearings, his nearly three dozen allegations of sexual violence against him including allegations of pedophilia, and his hand in the deportation of more individuals than any other regime in the history of this country means we should be going anywhere except back to brunch.

This collage, “We Must Escape Our Failure to Launch,” is about addressing these anxieties as many folks refuse to critique their own political party. I fear that many people’s political goals started and ended with “get tr*mp out!” On the cusp of something bigger than any of us could possibly conceive, we must escape our failure to launch!

I believe Tara Reade and all the brave women who came forward against Joe Biden. I still believe that these women’s voices matter, do you?