Kiaya Sechrest | Managing Editor

I have been trying to figure out how to put into words the ways in which women show up for women because each time a woman I know is faced with a new challenge that is somehow “bigger” or more immediate than our own I have seen us all flock to her but not in a way that makes us forget our own problems such that we use her problem to distract ourselves from our own for a while until the deed of helping her is done and not in a way that is commiserating with one another and not in a way that we do it because we feel like we have to do it but really the whole time we’re complaining about it to someone else, instead the only way I can think to describe it is it’s like offering to share your umbrella with a friend in the rain, and you both huddle under it, wrapping your touching arms around each other to make more room under the cover so that your arms and shoulders on the outside don’t get as wet, and saying, here, I’ll cover both your rain and my rain for a little while until I can walk you close enough home so that you only have to run those last few steps in the rain up the porch to your front door, and then I’ll walk myself home, too. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am until a friend’s mother hugs me in the hospital and says, I am so glad that you have each other, after we all had just sat crying together for a bit holding hands on the edge of the bed.