Kiaya Sechrest | Managing Editor


I saw my therapist today. I have been meeting with her for over a year now,

so today she wanted to evaluate my “progress.”


I am not happy all of the time because that’s not something that humans

are allowed to be, but I am impressed with myself.


She asked how I felt about the event that caused me to start seeing her,

how I felt about everything that has happened in the last 12 months.


It’s dramatic, but all I could think of was grateful.

So, I said the word out loud


(as I have trained myself to say everything out loud)

and I felt my eyes fill with water without planning for them to.


I am grateful. It feels odd to say it, but I am grateful for myself.

I have always only ever been grateful for someone else.


It is difficult to confess your love for another person,

but I have always found it more difficult to confess my love for myself.


Today I have decided to try anyway. Today I take the long way home,

just to steal more time alone like lovers do.