Kathryn Fleisher | Business Manager

Give give give


like the stars are destined to freefall from the sky unless you hold them all in place,


like the tides will refuse to advance and retreat unless you remember to push and to pull at all the right times in all the right ways;


and stretch,


stretch like it doesn’t hurt, like you’re lucky to be burdened;


and smile,


because you’re told and you must and maybe, just maybe, you’re proud;


and cry when you must; love like you wish you were; forgive like it’s up to you; think big and stay small; nurture like it’s what you live to do; pleasure like you’re not too tired; fix like you know all the answers.




when you don’t have the strength,


when your mind and body refuse to provide you with anything to give,


and you start to wish you were anyone but you,


Take a deep breath.          Pause. And give again.


Give give give,


because the stars might just fall and the tides could neglect to ebb and flow;


so you give, give, and give again,


because that’s what you do; that’s who you are.


Or so you are told.


Because of you, the stars remain suspended, the tides remain fluid, and they still don’t know how hard it is to hold and pull and stretch and smile and cry and love and forgive and think and nurture and pleasure and fix — how hard it is to give.


But you know. And I know. And that’s more than we used to admit.