Kathryn Fleisher | Contributor



Her safety and her independence;

Her autonomy and her authority.

Her freedom and her brilliance;

Her and dreams and her security.


If not why, then how?


Expand understanding;

And nurture healthy community.

Of equality, be demanding;

In eliminating inopportunity.


If not how, then when?


Not yesterday, that’s far too late;

And certainly not tomorrow, for there is value in today.

A just future, we have the ability to create;

If and only if we speak out and refuse to obey.


If not when, then who?


He hasn’t;

She couldn’t.

They paved the way;

So that in this fight we could stay.


But if not who, then why?


Be her and question why not.


So if not why — why not?

And if not how — just do.

And if not when — now.

And if not who — me.