A Short History of the Africana Studies Department at Pitt

Natalie Nelson | Business Manager The Africana Studies Department at the University of Pittsburgh owns a dramatic inception portraying its growth into the program it is now. Professors at the University describe Africana Studies as “a contemporary discipline and intellectual enterprise that seeks to expand the scientific and systematic study of knowledge from an Afrocentric […]

We Must Escape Our Failure to Launch

Molly Gonzales | Editor in Chief After Pennsylvania broke the news and liberals hung up their sweatshop-made pink pussy hats and took off their masks to eat brunch, I lay in bed worrying. Our brand new imperialist-in-chief, along with his lady-cop sidekick, have promised their wealthy donors that nothing will fundamentally change under their regime. […]

Why The Irishman did not Deserve an Irish win

Caroline Waters | Contributor Listen, I’m not trying to say The Irishman was bad. Martin Scorsese is an extraordinary talent, and the majority of his films reflect that. Hell, this film reflected that. The editing is immersive and tight, the performances are layered and earnest, and the dialogue is quippy and entertaining. The Irishman is […]

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: How Corrupt Corporations Exploit Citizens Around the World

Shreyaa Nagajothi | Contributor Mass casualties, exhorbitant political corruption, and racial discrimination are typically not associated with fossil fuels in the mind of the average American. While the link between fossil fuels and climate change has trickled into mainstream media, the catastrophic consequences both abroad and in our most vulnerable communities, are often largely ignored. […]

Examining a Queer Response to Adversity

Kelli Slogan | Managing Editor Within the archives of Hillman Library is the underground press collection, which offers a wide range of publications on various topics to learn from. I looked at copies from April 1994 to June 2003 of the local publication, Planet Queer. This publication, also known as Planet Q, originated in Pittsburgh […]

On Hysteria and Hypotheses

Kathryn Fleisher | Business Manager Beads of sweat roll down your back, soaking the waistband of your pants. You barely notice. It feels as though someone is wringing out your insides like a wet rag. You try shifting your weight to relieve the pressure on your abdomen. It doesn’t work. You try it again. And […]

A Gendered Take on The Climate Crisis

Jordyn Barker | Contributor Recent natural disasters, rising temperatures, and dire warnings from scientists have aroused popular concern over the impending climate crisis. While much attention has been paid to  the destruction a climate catastrophe could wreak on human civilization, many media outlets have failed to recognize the disparate impact climate change will have on […]

History of Abortion Legality in the United States

Molly Gonzales | Editor in Chief Individuals born with uteruses know all too well the ways in which their bodies have become political playgrounds of the state. The past few years have brought with them some of the most egregious abortion restrictions the country has ever seen. Social and cultural restrictions like glaring violence from […]


Anonymous As of this moment, I am 21 years old and I’ve never known who I am. In the rare moments I’ve sat in front of a mirror alone and really tried to, I haven’t liked what I’ve seen and I head back into the strange comfort of not knowing. To me, not knowing something […]